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Our tool can help you convert your PDF files to Word safely without ang charge


1. Select the PDF files that you want to convert
2. after the uploding, click the button "start" ang start the conversion
3. After the conversion is over, you can click "download files" to save the converted file locally on the device.


• Unlimited conversions, SSL protects your files
• Safe and stable, without sacrificing the quality of your original files
• No registration ,you can convert PDF files anytime and anywhere

How to convert PDF to Word?
1. Select the PDF files you want to convert, and then wait for it to be uploaded
2. click "start" Wait for the PDF to Word converter to copy the format and text from the PDF and convert it to a Word document.
3. Click "Download File" to save the converted file locally on the device.
Tips: Multi-file conversion: Our website allows multi-file conversion. After you upload a PDF file, you can click "Select More Files" to select more files you want to convert

Convert PDF to Word, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Meta Description: Besides converting Word files to PDF, sometimes we also need to convert PDF to Word. Sounds strange? You will see why and how to do that.

In this digital era, we are facing dynamic changes. We cannot do anything but adapt to those changes. One of them is a must to create PDF documents for various occasions. That is why you surely know how to convert any other file format to PDF. However, in certain circumstances, we also need to convert PDF to another file format, such as: convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, and PDF to PowerPoint.

●Part 1: Why Do We Convert PDF to Word?
●Part 2: How Do We Convert PDF to Word?

Part 1: Why Do We Convert PDF to Word?
Many of you may ask the same questions, "Why do we need to convert PDF to Word?" Well, this happens when you receive a PDF document that needs to be edited.
Another question, "When will that kind of situation happen?" That situation will happen anytime and anywhere.
Let us say you are going to college and choose online learning due to some reason. Your lecturer may send you a task in PDF format. You may ask, "Why?"
We all know that PDF documents cannot be manipulated. That is why your lecturer sent you a PDF format task. He or she does not want the task to be manipulated by your 'too creative' mind, so you can provide an easy answer.
Another story is when you are applying for a job at a medium-big company. As we know, PDF provides a more professional look than any other file format. Besides that, again, PDF documents cannot be manipulated. That is why the companies usually send you an application form or a test in PDF format.
As we already know, PDF documents cannot be edited unless we pay a subscription fee to Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader. In the meantime, we are having uncertain economic conditions. That is why we need to use our money wisely.
Instead of paying an Adobe Acrobat subscription fee, it is better for us to just convert PDF to Word. Therefore, we will be able to edit the PDF document, save it as PDF again, and send it back to the sender.

Part 2: How Do We Convert PDF to Word?
When you search 'convert PDF to Word' on Google or another search engine, you will find plentiful PDF to Word converters.
Now we get to the next question, "Which one is the best PDF to Word converter?" This actually depends on your needs. If you need to convert a bunch of PDF files into Word, then find the converter that is able to do that. Unfortunately, most of the converters require us to sign up and even pay for that action.
Here is some good news for us: we can now convert PDF to Word, even a bunch of PSF files at once using Litepdf without signing up. Litepdf also provides this feature free of charge and can be used anytime when needed.
We just need to open the Litepdf website, click the PDF to Word option, upload the PDF files, and wait a few minutes until the conversion is finished.
Besides those ways above, when you need to convert PDF to Word, please make sure that you have a stable internet connection.